Varieties of Soil to Look For From Your Soil Supplier

When looking to undertake a garden project in your yard, the type of soil might be an impediment, as different plants require different types of soils. Choosing the correct soil type not only offers the plants a good environment for growth, but it also ensures that losses are not incurred. This calls for the services of soil suppliers, as they have almost every type of soil to suit your gardening needs. The soil suppliers offer a wide range of services depending on the amount bought. This may include transportation as well as spreading of the soil in the required place. Here are a few types of soil you can find from your supplier. 

Recycled turf underlay

This type of soil is obtained from several sites and then recycled. It is a very popular underlay owing to the fact that it is cheap compared to other options. Screening is done to ensure that large particles, pebbles, and rocks are eliminated. It is commonly used as underlay when the process of laying turf is undertaken. The mix depends on the amount of money to be spent on the turf as each project presents unique considerations. 

Organic garden mix

This type is best when planning to plant vegetables in your garden. It is rich in nutrients essential for vegetable growth. In most cases, it is composed of wood mulch, sand, bark, fine ash and mushroom compost. 

Premium top dressing

This type is composed of sand and soil, but the dominant component is sand. It also passes through a process of screening to rid it of any large particles, after which it is washed clean. It is utilized as turf underlay as well as a top dress for various types of grass. Also, in instances where the yards are to be used by children, animals or for sporting activities, it is advisable to use the premium top dresser. 

Potting mix

Plants meant to grow in pots differ in characteristics from the ones that grow directly on the ground. It is therefore necessary to provide a unique type of environment that enables the proper flow of air and water to enhance their growth. The potting mix is composed of sand and soil blended with organic material. The size of particles is slightly larger to allow proper aeration and drainage, thus preventing the roots of the plants from drowning in the pot. Decorative plants do well in this mix.