5 Rules to Help You Save Energy When Air Conditioning Is A Must Have

The summer heat wave is here, and as the temperature rises to triple digits, you've probably started feeling the extreme warmth that comes with the sizzling hot temperatures.

What you're now hearing is nothing but your AC blowing away all your money as your struggle to cool down your home as quickly as possible.

Air conditioning requires money to power, and there is a tendency for a skyrocketing energy bill once you crack up the air conditioner. But how do you stay cool and reduce your energy bills as the summer months progress?  Here's how:

Keep your AC lower at night

During the daytime is when you require a high level of a cool conscious environment because of peak hot hours. Instead of leaving your AC on one setting, turn it down or even put it into sleep mode during the night as your body doesn't require the same level of cool temperatures as during the day.

Use circulating/ceiling fan, window fan or portable units

Sometimes, you don't necessarily need to cool your entire house rather than the commonly used rooms. If you are spending most of the day or night in one area, try using a portable unit to cool only the area you need.  Portable units and ceiling fans use less energy compared to a larger central air unit that is struggling to cool the entire house.

Avoid heat build up

Baking and cooking on the stove, especially during the day, only exceeds the temperature inside your home. You can reduce indoor heat by microwaving your food, grilling your food outdoors, cleaning your dishes by hand and air-drying your clothes. If you must cook, do it in the evening when the temperatures are much lower.

Close your blinds, curtain, shades

Closing your blinds or curtains during the warmest parts of the day keeps out the sun which reduces heat gain. Closing your blinds also keeps the cool air inside from escaping through the windows. If possible, use light-coloured window treatments to help deflect the sun's warm rays.

Maintain or replace your AC

Proper air conditioning maintenance is essential to its efficiency which in return reduces your energy costs. Sometimes basic maintenance can be all your AC needs. However, your unit will greatly benefit from a good filter cleaning to allow for good air movement. If you are using an older unit that has already undergone tremendous repairs, consider swapping it for a new high energy efficiency unit.

Although these are just a few ideas on how to save energy when air conditioning is a must, becoming an energy conscious user is by far the best tip. Other than saving you a lot of money, saving energy also benefits the earth's natural resources. For more information about air conditioning maintenance, contact a local professional.