What Causes Asbestos Fibres to Become Airborne?

Since the harmful effects of asbestos exposure became fully understood, there has been a lot of publicity around this dangerous substance. Despite most people now knowing that asbestos is harmful, there are still a few areas of misunderstanding and false information. One such point of confusion is exactly when asbestos becomes damaging. If you think – or know for certain – that there's asbestos present in your home or business premises, it's good to understand the finer details so you know when to act. Read More 

Four Critical Issues to Address Before Commissioning Tree Removal

Trees are beneficial as part of the residential landscape. They improve the appeal of the property and contribute to a healthier environment. Unfortunately, these plants do not always grow as perfectly as expected. Moreover, their health can be compromised by disease, pests and natural disaster. As a result, tree removal might become necessary. However, you should never rush a decision on cutting down a tree. Here are crucial issues that you should address before choosing to have a tree removed. Read More 

5 Rules to Help You Save Energy When Air Conditioning Is A Must Have

The summer heat wave is here, and as the temperature rises to triple digits, you've probably started feeling the extreme warmth that comes with the sizzling hot temperatures. What you're now hearing is nothing but your AC blowing away all your money as your struggle to cool down your home as quickly as possible. Air conditioning requires money to power, and there is a tendency for a skyrocketing energy bill once you crack up the air conditioner. Read More 

Understanding Factors Influencing the Cost of Industrial Wastewater Systems

The treatment of industrial wastewater is complex and requires an intricately engineered system for optimal success. Typically, the use of inferior treatment solutions in your operation can be highly detrimental to your business. In simple terms, if the waste is discharged to the environment or a public treatment plant before adequate treatment, it could compromise the ecosystems with which the material comes in contact.  Also, your company could be fined heavily for failing to comply with environmental protection regulation. Read More 

Varieties of Soil to Look For From Your Soil Supplier

When looking to undertake a garden project in your yard, the type of soil might be an impediment, as different plants require different types of soils. Choosing the correct soil type not only offers the plants a good environment for growth, but it also ensures that losses are not incurred. This calls for the services of soil suppliers, as they have almost every type of soil to suit your gardening needs. Read More